Pet Sessions

Because these are the gentle eyes that comfort you on a rough day.    
Because of the paws that reach for you, the tail that wags when you glance their direction.   
Because they're always there for you; always.
Because when it comes down to it, they're never ever with us long enough.

I'm happy to incorporate your pet into a Portrait session, or to schedule a session for them all by themselves.   I've been photographing pets at our local shelter for many years, and consider myself an expert at getting those ears perked up (unless you own a Basset Hound!).



Our family currently includes three rescue dogs, and we have fostered countless homeless dogs over the years.   
I'm a strong believer in adopting family pets at your local shelter, rather than encouraging additional breeding for the pet trade.
I'm a frequent volunteer photographer at the local Pets Come First: animal shelter.   
I'm also a lifetime member of PAWS:

I'll donate $25 of your session fee to a local shelter if your dog is adopted from a rescue.